How to replace your HP Pavilion G6 Keyboard

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Itís easy to break the flimsy keys on laptop. In order to better protect the HP Pavilion G6 Keyboard  , some friends, instead, use USB keyboard. But if you work outdoors, carrying a USB keyboard is not convenient. You still have to use the laptop keyboard. Once a laptop keyboard stops working, there is no option but to replace it. You can use these steps to replace the HP Pavilion G6 Keyboard

1. Take out the battery and AC adapter and HP Keyboard Cover  , unplugged from the wall, ensure the laptop is fully powered off.

2. Remove those screws with a T-8 or Phillips screwdriver.

3. Turn the laptop back over and open it up. Check and see if the HP Pavilion G6 Keyboard is tucked under any plastic pieces. If so, find them if those plastic pieces are screwed into anything, and unfasten them as well. If not, it probably uses clamps that can easily be removed.

4. Remove the plastic pieces carefully.

5. Unscrew any screws at the top (if necessary) and remove the keyboard itself from top to bottom. Youíll notice that the keyboard is connected with a thin, but wide, data cable to the system board at the bottom.

6. Disconnect the data cable attachment of the keyboard which will sever all the remaining attachments of the HP Pavilion Keyboard with the laptop computer motherboard. To remove this cable, you have to just carefully pull it out from the socket to which it is attached. Then you can lift out the entire keyboard out of the laptop.

7. Take the new HP Pavilion G6 Keyboard out of the plastic and place it inside with the right orientation, attach the data cable.

8. Refasten the keyboard in place at the top.

9. If you had to remove any plastic pieces, carefully snap them back in and replace any screws you had to remove.

10. Turn the laptop over and replace all of the keyboard screws.

11. Put the laptop battery back in place and switch it on to check HP Pavilion Keyboard functionality. If everything has gone according to plan, you should be ready to type away!

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