How to Remove Fingerprint lock on Samsung Galaxy S7?

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Use Fingerprint recognition as an alternative security method to entering passwords. Your device can be set to recognize your fingerprint for added device security and utilize it for verification. In order for fingerprint recognition to function, your fingerprint information needs to be registered and stored in your device.

Fingerprint Unlock is a security feature that uses fingerprint recognition technology. You can delete any saved fingerprints and turn off Fingerprint Unlock on your Samsung Galaxy S7. To protect your phone, you should set up another type of screen lock, such as a PIN or password.

Method to Remove fingerprint lock on samsung galaxy s7:

Now, let's approach to this product. It is a software called Dr.Fone for Android- Unlock Samsung tool. It can recover the deleted or lost data on smart phone and remove PIN, patterns, number password and fingerprint screen lock. Well, let's see how to unlock Samsung Galaxy, remove Samsung lock screen.

More info;

How to Unlock the Screen Lock on Samsung

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Samsung Lock Screen Removal, which is an all-in-one data recovery tool for almost all Samsung Galaxy devices. With the help of this program, you can not only restore the lost and deleted content like photos, videos, contacts, call logs, messages, WhatsApp chats and more from your Samsung Galaxy device including Samsung Galaxy S/Note/A/J/ON/Tab, but also one click to fix a bricked Samsung and unlock your Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab without losing data. So, you can one click to remove the lock screen on Samsung S7/S7 Edge by using this tool.

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