How to properly operate the concrete mixing station

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How to properly operate the concrete mixing station
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With the rapid construction machinery to carry out changes in the concrete mixing station is leaps and bounds, to allow the device to work better, we understand the needs of equipment carried out simultaneously, but also the process of understanding the needs of its operation. In the application process, what concrete mixing station operating way is it?
1, the use of early demand for skilled operators, will provide additional mechanical Zhengzhou innovative products use the book to clarify the operator in accordance with the material necessary to stop the operation before operating the machine, be sure to read the book to clarify the use of concrete mixing station, according to clarify the book pleaded stop operation, take carcement spiral silo for cement silo cement storing siloe of themselves. If there is demand, but also to guide the door.
2, do not overload, to prevent overheating caused by long-lasting jobs, damage components.
3, routine maintenance work must be done, when rendering the abnormal condition, the demand for timely repair adjustment. When the job is completed at the same time, pay attention to regular checks of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water) use status, and pay attention to check the tightness of the machine.
Remain the same, regardless of how concrete mixing station attack earth-shaking changes, we will be able to control operational methods maintaining the status quo. Measures to control the correct operation of the concrete mixing station, concrete mixing station will use life is more lasting.
Concrete mixing station cost method
Today's society is increasingly automated, plus the establishment of new rural roads to establish the pace of the increase, demand for commodities is increasing concrete, trigger a new round of upsurge builders mixing stations, concrete mixing a lot of people and therefore investment station, but how to reduce the cost of investment talent it? We can leave the following three aspects:
How to reduce investment costs concrete mixing station?
First, to select high-quality concrete mixing station equipment. High-quality spare parts not only can greatly assist in the timely processing of maintenance staff presented problems, but also can improve the reliability of the entire system, stability, extending the overall use of life, progressive equipment related components;
Secondly, the process of consumption to enhance the management of spare parts, good day / week / month enjoying system, prompting the operator in accordance with strict implementation of the system, found fault timely disposal, "precautionary measures unburned."
Finally, the user should then apply progressive equipment and knowledge re-use of resources, to enhance the use of reusable equipment maintenance, parts replaced many of them are able to repair another application, such as the use of wastewater, it can also be used to clean cement transport tankers and other resource-saving manner.
Concrete mixing station for urban goods ready-mixed concrete,bridge, water conservancy, airports, ports and other major infrastructure construction projects and demand concrete place, its high level of automation to high consumption, high weighing accuracy, low investment, good mixing quality, to complete multi-warehouse number, more complex than discontinuous and continuous level of domestic consumption and the major components of the host advantages, the first time concrete mixing station promising.
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