How to distinguish human hair wigs

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Inviato il 26 Gennaio 2016, 02:20:19


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As people's living standards are going up, the improvement of the quality of wigs also has been paid attention to lace wigs . Wigs have become a  indispensable part of social life. Some people are accustomed to wearing a wig, some for beautiful, some to meet their physical defects, some to hide their bad side. The following teaches you how to distinguish human hair wigs.
The best and quickies way to distinguish a wig is to burn some hair of the wig. The smell of burning human hair wigs is the same as that of your hair.
Another quick way is that, human hair wigs can distinguish by feel and sight. In the hairdressing shop, when comparing the two kinds of wigs, the differences are obviously. First look at the light of wigs. Synthetic ones always don’t have a natural brightness as human hair ones. Second, synthetic ones feel relatively smooth to the touch, unlike real hair wigs which will have frizz hair feeling.
General speaking, synthetic wigs are generally relatively thick because it is not worth much money. However, real human hair wigs are  relatively thin. Of course, that is just said by experience.

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