How to choose the thickness of the wood floor

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composite wood decking is pressed at high temperatures, the internal moisture content is very small, so the floor will not because of water loss and deformation. Multilayer parquet each room had staggered, contain each other on the back as well as intensive trench resistance to deformation, decomposition of stress generated by the heating surface, and therefore the amount of deformation is small. Now on the market many types of flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, and other, generally speaking, laminate flooring is more suitable to heat the floor. Because geothermal flooring thickness of 6.5 ~ 8.5mm, the thickness of the laminate flooring mostly 6 ~ 9mm, which laminate flooring mostly 6 ~ 8mm, three parquet is 8 ~ 9mm, better heat transfer performance, and its surface a layer of aluminum oxide wear layer, the wear layer is conducive to the rapid diffusion of heat in the surface.

Solid wood flooring with high water content, in the case of prolonged high temperature heating, easy to crack and deformation. If you must use an ordinary veranda decking warranty, we should try to use the back of a shoe type of floor coatings, since this can proof and waterproof, and can maintain moisture equilibrium moisture content with the surrounding environment. Locking floor design more conducive to heat transfer, solid wood floor, the effect of locking type floor and better than other products, due to inter-hooking floor left a small gap, so that even when exposed to heat damp floor after the expansion is not easy to go shape.

The density of the wood floor can be, not to use thick mats. The easiest method of comparison is cheaper to find another one, the same size (length generous identical) to compare the floor, the most important. Home decoration wooden floor thickness depends on the situation described in the analysis, you fancy the floor should not be big brand in the best series. 8MM (8.3 thick) wooden floor is not too good. Wood flooring on the market now, even the best brands we flooring, wood floor thickness should not choose too thick, so counter to affect the life of the floor. 2MM thick mats will suffice. Fourth, the proposed 12-thick floor. No matter how thick the floor, the original ground handle, the case should not have much punch within a short distance, if necessary, to deal with plaster. This requirement is in addition to prevent dry sound, but also related to the life of the waterproof composite wood panels.

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