How to buy children's tables and chairs

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1, to health-based
After all, is the child's learning tables and chairs, or to the child's health-based, and now learning the pressure so much, the child's myopia too much. I recommend the purchase of the market now that type of growth desk, with the child age, height adjustment height, and the desktop can be tilted, the design is still quite reasonable, the child's physical development is also better.
2, to safety first
Second is to look at security, and now many chairs have pressure bar, and dangerous and easy to distract the child.
3, see the brand
Lock a few good products: the top ten brands of children learning table list is selected the current sales, the best evaluation of several brands, you can target in this several products inside!
4, see sales
In general, high sales are recognized by most people, at least a lot of people have used, combined with the evaluation can see the quality of each product in the end how!
5, look at the evaluation
Product evaluation information is a product good and bad the best information in the case of almost sales, the better the evaluation of the higher the degree of product recognition!
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