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In 1993, Dior in Beijing opened its first stores. 2003 and 2004, it opened in Tokyo two consecutive dazzling large flagship store, a local landmark, and later next to it gradually opened up to other more luxury flagship store. 2012, Dior's Haute show it moved to Shanghai organized by the luxury goods sector is a "feat." Today, Dior 37% of its revenue from Asia. It is worth mentioning that, for example, Dior so with aura ( "It represents almost French! Represents the fashion!") Brand into emerging markets, such as stars, politicians and business upstart naturally aspire to have tried these goods to demonstrate their taste. The customer may change the impression of the brand's customer base, and sales of its mystical power will be cut ── It will be concerned Cheap Prom Dresses about its new products and more than the price is too concerned about the artistry and innovation. Dior must spend more effort to maintain the reputation of New Look, as well as the expression of the grasp of the current era ── This is often reflected in the Haute show games. As emerging markets accounted for a growing number of conflicts led, business profits and social status among luxury brands present in all body. "We have been trying to find Elsa Schiaparelli photos, but can not be collected photos are vividly illustrate the legendary charm of women," said Paul Lester choice when talking about photos, "I got hooked on Marcel Will Benitez illustration work, his paintings a little strange, a little playful, so there is a bit of debauchery, but in technique, his strokes and extremely skilled. after I found Schiaparelli fragrance www.cheappromdresses2016.us.com advertising has a strong visual impact, it is in accordance with the bottle 'screen Vamp' Mae West's naked American 1930s design. so when we see this perfume when he said, 'this is that wearing funny girl, she is so couturier Schiaparelli coveted model of it. Or use this?' "is a legendary designer selected a dazzling photo It is undoubtedly very difficult --- besides her beauty was not born. Leicester himself as Scott said, "In my family, to her, the same good looks is regarded as essential qualities of women, but her face a little too long, too long for some mouth wide. "Schiaparelli began writing in the mid-1920s printed with trompe l'oeil sweater, in the 1930s, her company has an annual turnover of up to a million francs. Paul Leicester was "Washington Post," the feature articles a writer, she has published ten biographies, but never Prom Dresses Online set foot in the field of fashion writing, but she wrote a book about Salvador Dali It works, however, with many surrealist master, like Salvador Dali for Schiaparelli had underestimated the impact. "This is what I came to this he knows nothing of the world - but, wait a minute, she is a surrealist, but just do fashion design," Paul Lester said, "When this information into my mind, everything is a matter of course, a matter of course. "Schiaparelli fantasy works have an onion skin gauze skirt, skirt printed with a Dali decorated with parsley lobster paintings. In 1937, when Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, the future is married to the Duke of Windsor, this skirt in her dowry. There are patterns in a blue silk dress, behind the illusion of a jar of French artist Jean Cocteau created, the jar can also be seen as two opposite side faces, the altar covered with 3D three-dimensional silk roses.

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