high wear-resistant anti-static composite deck

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is one of the many floors, static floor according to different materials can be divided into: Steel anti-static flooring, ceramic anti-static flooring, composite anti-static flooring, aluminum anti-static flooring, anti-static flooring materials have different characteristics and different effect, below and small take a look at the classification and features of anti-static flooring. First, the steel anti-static floor, steel anti-static floor products features: all steel components,

the upper plate is hard steel plate, the lower plate is a deep tensile steel plate. The utility model has the advantages of large bearing capacity, strong resistance to shock, good interchange performance, beautiful paving effect, waterproof, fireproof and anti-static electricity. Steel anti-static floor applicable range: widely used in a variety of computer rooms, especially communication room, data transmission center, such as higher anti-static requirements and high load room.

Two, ceramic ceramic anti-static flooring anti-static flooring products features: Particleboard based or steel plate, the surface layer of high wear-resistant anti-static tiles; various colors can be selected, fine seam, pavement effect is good; do not wear, service life is far greater than the other floors,
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