Green aluminum furniture into a trend

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In the traditional concept of everyone, furniture is generally based on wood products. However, according to the China Interior Decoration Association, most of the formaldehyde pollution is produced by the plate, home decoration used in the sandwich panels, flooring, furniture, etc. may release formaldehyde. Furniture in the wood-based panel can release formaldehyde. Formaldehyde on the human eye and respiratory system have a strong stimulus, severe cases can lead to cancer, women infertility, fetal malformations and so on.
1. Advantages
The biggest feature of aluminum furniture is undoubtedly green. At present, the main furniture on the market for the density board, particle board, solid wood composite sheet, although the price difference, but consumers can not really distinguish the merits of the material, whether it is really environmentally friendly, value for money? Those harmful chemical raw materials such as formaldehyde, benzene and other invisible, not touch, and Mingtai Aluminum as the representative of the large aluminum processing enterprises produced by the aluminum alloy furniture is made from a series of mineral resources processing, Re-use, and there will be no formal furniture in the formaldehyde exceeded the problem. In addition, even if eliminated, aluminum furniture will not waste resources on the social environment and destruction of the ecological environment.
2. Advantages
Aluminum furniture has the advantage of aluminum, which has a certain strength, to ensure that the furniture is not easy to use in the process of deformation. In terms of density and pressure, have a very good performance, can effectively ensure that the furniture in the harsh conditions outside the well used. At the same time, in the course of use, because of its relatively light, easy to move, very easy to use in daily life, and because of its soft and moderate, when people contact aluminum furniture, it will not produce a strong discomfort.
3. Advantages
Not only that, aluminum furniture also has both fire and moisture protection function. Aluminum and other metal furniture in the production process will generally use a better strength of the metal plate, these aluminum furniture after a series of bending process, can meet many aspects of functional requirements.
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