Grand Exchange,zyy Teleport Restrictions and More Changes Added to Darkscape

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Inviato il 17 Novembre 2015, 08:11:19


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It seems that Old School team pay no attention to Darkscape after the release of Deadman mode. This is not the case. If you are still playing in Darkscape, you may noticed that some new changes are added to Darkscape, such as Grand Exchange and teleport restrictions. It is necessary for you to get enough Darkscape gold to ensure you can enjoy the new changes in the game. If you need DS gold in game, why not to buy Darkscape Gold cheap on zyy.

Teleport restrictions have changed in Darkscape

Before the new changes added to Drakscape, players are only allowed to teleport within the same threat zone. Now, players can teleport within the same threat zone or to a higher threat zone, but you will not be able to teleport to a lower threat zone. This stops someone in a high threat area quickly teleporting to relative safety in a lower threat area. Instead they can only teleport within the high threat area and therefore continue to be at risk until they make their way to a lower threat area. However, teleport times are not changing with this update.

Only one Grand Exchange is available in Darkscape

Old School team merge the three banks and GEs into one and all the offers on med and high GE have been cancelled. Players can access the GE or collection box interfaces to reclaim their cancelled offers. Buyers can buy items anywhere since tax will now be based on the location you placed your offer. The high GE bankers have had a falling out with the exchange clerks, and no longer stand together, and you will have to run between the banker and the exchange.

Access to any bank regardless of the risk area

In current Darkscape, players are able to access to any bank regardless of the risk area. Players can deposit to whichever tab is selected though items are still stored in separate tabs. However, items added to banks without the bank open still use the space for the threat area you are currently in, instead of the entire bank. Besides, search will only search the active bank.

The new changes definitely will bring a lot of joy to Darkscape loyal players. In order to ensure you can make the most of the new changes in the game, you can always buy cheap Darkscape gold cheap on zyy to help you. zyy Thanksgiving special promos will offer you cheapest Darkscape gold. Just make sure to check out our site to reguraly to get cheapest Darkscape gold on zyy.


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