Gasoline plate compactor can be used where

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Inviato il 31 Agosto 2016, 03:07:42


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<strong>Gasoline plate compactor can be used where</strong>
concrete pump,truck mounted concrete pump
<strong>Plate compactor use conditions:</strong>
<p>1, when the construction of asphalt road construction, large compaction equipment impassable at the corners.
2, asphalt road repair process, road cutting machine cut off after the disease at the asphalt concrete to fill the pit at, because it is a small area of ​​operations, the use that is cost-effective platecompactor compaction and high efficiency, easy transition.
3, capped at sidewalk tiles, its underlying backfill material, mostly sand, mud. In order to ensure that the underlying does not sink, you have to ram it with a flat tamp.
4, various sizes of gravel compacted soil, gravel soil, etc.</p>
<p>1. Cutting Excavation should be stratified, artificial horizbrand factory stationary concrete batching plantontal digging method each general 1 ~ 2m, mechanical horizontal digging method each height is generally 2 ~ 3m. Each layer of the excavation should be carried out according to the design requirements of the slope scraping brush or support, to ensure that its slope stability. Multilayer excavation shall not brush scraping slope, or do not follow the design requirements for protection. Non brutal construction, improper drainage, upper and lower non-operating surface simultaneously multilayer construction, resulting in accidents.
2, rock blasting and blasting equipment operations management, processing, transportation, inspection and destruction of work force in the country should press "Blasting Safety Regulations" implementation.
3, the choice of emplacement, borehole mouth should avoid being on the wires, junctions and structures.
4, chisel shelling eye, pumice stone slope on risk should be cleaned up. Chisel eye tools and machinery to check in detail, confirmed intact. It prohibited the eyelet punch.
5, using the law to fight human impact Songyan eye, should clean up the site of obstruction. Double, when people rushed solder action should be coordinated.
6, manual drill, stone hammers should stand on the side, opposite the hammer is strictly prohibited.
7, mechanical reaming should adopt wet drilling or cutting eye machine with a dust catcher's. Drills bracket To support stable, non-use chest or shoulder peg handle. </p>
<p>Pneumatic rock drill pipe to be straight, to close the joint, the pressure should not be too high. Cable electric drilling machine should dangling hanged, should work to observe the current value is normal.
Compressor must be started without load state. Before turning delivery valve, pipeline connection should be good, it can not be distorted.</p>
simple operation small concrete mixing plant
hzs35 high yield concrete mixing plant

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