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Inviato il 28 Settembre 2015, 04:14:45


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Sohu Reporter: Hello, Ru total! Just the floor of the General Assembly in the field, many CEOs discussed the current housing policy and the macroeconomic situation. For 2013, market trends, how do you treat it? [Ru Ji-yong]: in the first half may still be some pressure, but I think it will pick up in the second half. building a two-step handrail Because you can predict, for example, will be released to protect the type space; In addition, the fourth quarter of last year, new house trading volume on the rise, I think it will produce a lag, the second half of this year there will be many new houses submitted; plus income tax on second-hand housing will be in accordance with the 20% levy, the new house will be up. Sohu Reporter: That is the policy of the factors or big impact on us?

 [Ru Ji-yong]: is the stage, the long term will not have much impact. Sohu Reporter: Recently it was reported that many places to buy a house is like buying cabbage, it is also a stage performance, right? [Ru Ji-yong]: Yes. In essence, China's money supply is problematic. We are only concerned about the high prices, and does not see the money there is no high. The results lead to a large number of issuing currency is certainly rising real estate prices,average cost of a four rail wooden farm fence  so the real estate itself is not "bubble." Where is the "bubble" in? It is in the money. This, people may not understand the economy can not read. People only know hard work, and then make money to buy a house, but how prices so high? He has a lot of complaints. In fact the government is causing the environment. "This year will be a high-profile" Sohu Reporter: Yu total, for this year's market, Dell will take what the market strategy?
 [Ru Ji-yong]: This year the entire marketplace, we will be great strength in brand building, channel, path under construction will be included. Everyone says the original is too low-key, so this year we'll profile some of the many places there will be a new bright spot, there are a lot of new product launch. Recently, we launched a series of non-formaldehyde flooring, large supply in the market, last year we only try of the supply, the product to warm stability is very high. deck squares at lowes  In addition, our two production bases in Sichuan and Liaoning will be put into operation this year. Therefore, many aspects of it, we will vigorously brand with the channel to go forward. Decade precipitation formaldehyde-free floor Sohu Reporter: You just mentioned the formaldehyde-free floor, while Sohu focus on home floor exhibition The theme of the report is the "green life starting from the foot," Do you think green flooring will be our product trends it?

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