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[liu Shuo true]: Hello Mr. Liu. "Yue home" is living at home recently established a major event, for this sub-brand, we are taking a different operating model? [liu Shuo true]: Yes. In this traditional industry, it can be considered a relatively new model, in fact, put it bluntly, is a joint online with offline. Traditionally, both the Redstar, or even homes, have brand, category of restrictions, there is no way to achieve the so-called concept of "big home". 2 level deck with fire pit Now, consumers are increasingly need a simple choice, one-stop service, while the original traditional model we believe that the future can not do the "service" is the word, so we are now beginning to do in this direction. Living at home currently has nearly more than 1,500 stores, how to allow these traditional stores converted into experience stores? We "Le Home" is in fact a one-stop service and large shopping centers.

 We will in the country have opened more than a dozen such stores, of course, investment is also relatively large. Sohu Reporter: Where will the first store to open it? [liu Shuo true]: in Changsha. Sohu Reporter: It is understood that, "Le Home" also has its own exclusive personalized designer, independently do some design for us? plastic dock panels [liu Shuo true]: Yes, we have some cooperation with the Italian designer Mendini, etc., it will be tailored to the different needs and recommend it to different consumers. Environmental protection: We are still far away from the first step Sohu Reporter: Sohu focus on home floor for this show made a "departure from the foot of green living" theme report, concern air pollution and environmental health. I have your attention for PM2.5 it? [liu Shuo true]: Indeed Green has been said for many years, and now we see a lot of green are not true concept of environmental protection.
  Green should not stop at the form, for example, I use soy glue, formaldehyde-free publicity, it's just a bright spot, a concept. It is not able to adhere to it from start to finish? In fact, the objective conditions of competition is often difficult for you to stick to it. why? I just say a word on stage: "? If there is no market to buy, how to sell the manufacturers," we do not want to spend a little higher cost to buy good things, then it does not exist naturally.diy composite privacy fence So, environmental protection, green is starting from the heart, we should pragmatically to think, so that enterprises standardized to ensure the basic needs of the consumer, and then gradually to a little higher standard to do it. With these world-class companies, it is necessary to ensure a relatively stable quality and standards, I think this thing is the first step, or just grandstanding. We are still far away from the first step, not done.

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