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Flooring industry: how to make investment no longer "hurt"? At present, China flooring market is increasingly competitive. Enterprise development to fall behind, and companies do big, strong, channel exterior synthetic boat flooring construction can not be ignored, open sales channels is the key to brand building. Flooring business sales channel model mainly through Direct and join. For most companies, the cost of setting up outlets in the country is too large, therefore, became the primary means of business investment to expand the market.

However, as more and more investment companies, investment results but getting worse. Merchants, so many companies "very hurt." How can I improve business effectiveness and efficiency of investment it? Innovative investment ideas, develop an appropriate investment strategy is the Synthetic Teak Decking key to successful investment in the flooring business. Merchants need new investment policy is no fixed pattern, for their own development is the best. First should be prepared comprehensive and detailed market research for different regional markets to develop investment program, there are plans to expand the enterprise market investment is the floor, the best way to enhance the competitiveness and brand building.

A lot of attention to channel maintenance flooring enterprises in new markets, often neglected maintenance of existing sales outlets. Sales outlets sales channels greatest responsibility, the most contradictory, involves the most extensive, the most complicated aspect of the interior wall panels compositeenterprise must manage, safeguard. Flooring enterprises should strengthen exchanges between dealers, sales outlets to reduce errors that may arise, and according to the dealer feedback, improve and perfect the production, service and promotion. Flooring enterprises to expand channels, it can not ignore the existing channel management and maintenance. Only consolidate existing resources and capital accumulation, have the strength to develop a bigger market space.

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