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In order to promote a more open exchange of flooring industry, work together to upgrade the standard of services for general practitioners in the industry expect to receive professional training needs, it consists of three layers of wood flooring national campaign sponsored by plastic closure manufacturers in south africa the Second National Floor "super staff" contest the establishment of sub-races in Shenyang, Shanghai, Chengdu three places, the "super staff" contest can be more extensive coverage of the flooring industry professionals make more sales floor staff can get professional training opportunities. Following the 2009 have widespread repercussions in the industry, the 2010 will set off three parquet promote a new upsurge in the country.

In addition, during the Twelfth Shanghai International Flooring Exhibition, China Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee, Chinese Academy of Forestry Wood Industry Research Institute jointly launched the "low-carbon low-carbon action 2010-- China flooring Proposal" signature campaign from the flooring industry leader, three parquet manufacturers representatives, mainstream media reporters have expressed their install continuous wood railing for basements support for low-carbon development signatures flooring industry, to jointly promote low-carbon production, the concept of low-carbon consumption in the flooring industry, and three solid wood floor is to become the flooring industry to promote low-carbon development, "the main force." China is both a showcase World Assembly floor flooring industry image of the stage, but also a great opportunity to communicate and foreign exchange floor trade, the three parquet "shining" World Assembly floor, but proved as more low-carbon, more environmentally friendly flooring category in importance of international flooring market.

Under the auspices of trade associations jointly promote three parquet, undoubtedly it shows the Chinese flooring industry to promote low-carbon products determinationwood plastic products for decking and confidence, will also guide the domestic and international markets flooring consumer trend of convergence. With the maturity of the domestic flooring market, three parquet combined with low-carbon, which can be described as Yimapingchuan future path of development.

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