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Flooring company shall develop personalized e-commerce products Unlike other online shopping floor daily consumables, due to its turnover, high transport costs, installation, return, service and other issues difficult to achieve, so that consumers have doubts. This reporter recently heated deck floor used in indoor ireland interviewed in United International home, around seventy percent of consumers said that online shopping is not a sense of security. One percent of consumers said that there have been online shopping experience, but the delivery, installation and after-sale protection and satisfied.

Decoration Association, the person in charge told reporters: "the market is not clear normative constraints of this new sales model, can only rely on their own corporate culture and brand awareness of self-regulation to ensure product quality, improve service, so that consumers have a wood type plastic for flooringsense of security. flooring and other home business is the first step in the long march to embark on the road of e-commerce. " "I want more consumers to accept online shopping patterns, flooring enterprises must work hard on how to highlight the advantages of e-commerce for the development of personalized products shop, which is eliminated from the focus." Floor of a brand official said.

For the flooring business, the ability to provide consumers with targeted, personalized prominent product is the path to victory to win the online shopping population. "Subjectively speaking, the current online shopping consumers are 80 and younger consumers, household purchasing power is not strong. Objectively speaking, the net purchase their own development is wpc hollow decking board for sale not yet mature, home involves ordering, size, colors, texture as well as the most important product sales, after-sale problems, Internet sales still not be satisfied. Therefore, the current home market, or in the traditional store-based sales model

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