Floor soaked remediation Daquan

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Floor soaked remediation Daquan

In everyday life, the "flood" because common household suffered mainly from pipeline leaks, can be divided in accordance with the severity of the first large area flood damage, namely: water pipe cracking, heating running water. The second floor partial flood damage: water leakage, seepage hidden pipelines, heating pipe leakage, water dispenser leaking, leaking bathtub and so on.

First, there will be soaked in water after the wooden floor which react?
1, floor seams Alice deformation.
2, skirting board deformation muster.

Second, the deformation of the floor for the processing scheme, what does?
If consumers encounter situations soaked the floor, be sure to fully preserve evidence in the following manner, at the same time to minimize the loss, but also to provide sufficient evidence for future claims division of responsibilities and so on.
1, time to find and cut off the water supply.
2, the water on the floor to clean up.
3, promptly notify the property and related manufacturers.
4, in order to take photographs of the scene when there is a dispute as evidence.
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Third, how should the floor against flood damage repair it?
1, a large area of ​​flood damage
A large area of ​​the floor due to a variety of causes flood damage, and a large amount of water to the scene to clean up the factory floor at the same time inform the customer, in the shortest possible time on the floor were removed. Because the room except the bathroom, the kitchen is generally not waterproof, so you need as quickly as possible to clean up the water on the ground, to avoid bubbles cause greater damage to the downstairs.
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2, the local flood damage
Cut off the water on the water and clean up the ground to observe whether there is significant change in the floor, obviously Alice reaction may notify flooring manufacturers partial replacement workers would be dismantled according to the local site conditions, and calculate the floor area required for maintenance accounting related costs.

3, need partial replacement floor
On the front of the workers need to query the situation needs to be changed inventory and batch floor, because only with the original floor color, size in order to use the same floor, or can not be repaired.
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4, the overall replacement, partial replacement of the floor
Preferably while maintaining proper ventilation, dry ground about two weeks, until the ground is dry, fix installation.

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