floor price range of choice is large

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the biological wax film technology, on the floor of the double groove seal can penetrate into the substrate (0.6 mm, also lick with substrate biological factors), the hunting aldehyde wax seal will prevent moisture into the substrate, achieved very good waterproof effect. Two, what are the characteristics of waterproof floor? 1, floor price range of choice is large.

strong waterproof, free maintenance. 3, applicable to a wide range. 4, wear-resisting, antibacterial, not moth eaten, mildew. 5, dimensional stability, will not be affected by temperature, humidity deformation. 6, safety, environmental protection, formaldehyde content is rare.

noise, comfortable. 8, rich colors and patterns. 9, light weight, reduce the carrying capacity of the building. Through the above introduction, I believe we already know what is waterproof floor! Nine characteristics of waterproof floor, house small share finished, we hope to help understand the waterproof floor.Warm core self heating floor is a new type of product.
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