Floor maintenance should pay attention to the small details of the life of the f

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1, Sun: After direct sunlight, ultraviolet light causes the floor surface paint cracks. Use curtains or blinds blocking direct sunlight.
2, rain: wooden floor is essentially tired of aqueous. As it rain, the floor surface will produce discoloration, cracks and other phenomena. To guard against rain.
3, oil: after floor oil, if not in time, will produce oil stains and discoloration and other phenomena. Use detergent, water and other carefully wipe satisfied, then waxing. more: choose a fencing material .
4 chairs: In order to minimize dents and scratches, long-term appearance of the floor, the recommendations on a chair pads shackle sleeve or on the chair bunk.
5, weight: at the piano, refrigerator and other heavy objects to pave the plate is protected against partial load is too large and cause floors sag and scratches.
6, air conditioners, humidifiers: prolonged use of air conditioning, indoor air will become very dry and prone to stretch the floor, leading to a gap and audible floor.
7, fan heater: The floor local time after blowing hot air, surface coating will produce cracking phenomenon, the floor will shrink gap. It should be protected on mats spread on the floor.
8, water: water after the floor surface, if not timely treatment, will lead to the floor discoloration, water stains and cracks and other phenomena. It should be kept clean and dry.
9, gonorrhea: water dripping to the floor, the floor surface will be white. This is due to the poor durability of floor wax, floor wax peeling from the floor surface, resulting in a diffuse phenomenon sake. more: pressure treated tandg porch flooring lowes .
10, detergent: absolutely not use alkaline cleaners. Timber component and an alkaline substance will react chemically change or cause the floor cause stains. After the use of cleaning agents to use wrung cloth.
11, pets: pet waste wood will produce alkaline corrosion, resulting in discoloration and stains the floor.
12, Pharmacy: The floor buildup on chemicals, it is timely Cleaners / satisfied clean water. After cleaning, the floor surface will reduce gloss, waxing should be timely maintenance.
13, ventilation: just renovated houses, will be distributed from the decoration materials and furniture in formaldehyde, odor or irritation of the eyes, pay attention to ventilation, pay attention not to drop after condensation dripping onto the floor.
14, floor wax: To choose a suitable floor wax. Before waxing, first in the corner of the room or other place not visible, try a small area of ​​the floor, make sure no problem and then began full waxing.

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