Floor Care

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Floor Care
In daily cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean up, and then after a soft cloth dipped in special detergent or soap flakes dilution for cleaning. For cleaning large areas, can be used sprayers or rotary cleaning machine. For lacquer wood floors, water it does not do any good, you want to minimize the excess water cleaning, be sure to scrub rag wrung. Solid wood floor oil wax to remove the black rubber grinding marks and other dirty water can not be removed with a soft cloth dipped in a low concentration of alcohol or a little white wine removed.wpc outdoor floor
Natural lacquered floor: After floor is clean, it should be coated with a layer of floor polish diluted. If the floor is relatively frequent usage may be appropriate to increase the concentration of polishing agent. Under normal circumstances can conserve living room once a month, and frequented the kitchen, living room and other maintenance is required per week.
Oil wax wood floor: the floor is completely clean and dry, then coated with a thin layer of the floor surface light oil wax, floor polish with a soft cloth and wipe off excess oil stains to avoid bright spots. Floor wax coated light oil Do not rush to use, should be dry naturally in the evening.composite fencing affordable
Natural lacquered floor: local boards because a lot of fouling becomes difficult to clean, you can use degreasing agent and warm water 25 ℃ is mixed before use degreasing agent should be sufficient to clean the floor. For too severe fouling floor, wood flooring surface should be polished off, and then re-painted, but this method should be a last resort, because bound to make floor polish thinner.
Oil wax wood floor: if the floor in a large area of ​​stains, equipped with a dry soft polishing pad grinding machine for processing, in order to maintain a consistent gloss, but must be painted within 4 hours of light oil wax floor surface, Let the floor dry naturally after 16-24 hoursoutdoor floor covering options

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