Five concrete mixing plant air system failure

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<h2>Five concrete mixing plant air system failure</h2>
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<p>In actual operation, often encounter a variety of construction problems, including concrete mixing plant will be a variety of abnormal conditions. Concrete mixing plant air system is concrete mixing station operation execution means, it is the role of the computer industry by instruction issued promptly switch each aggregate silo, mixer discharge gate, cement, said discharge doors, broken cement within the cement silo arch, inflatable stirred for additives to ensure accurate measurement of various aggregates, cement, additives, and complete the finished material loading tasks. Only the correct use and maintenance of the system, in order to ensure the machine's high efficiency and good economy.</p>
  <h2> The common fault mainly in the following five categories:</h2>
    <strong>1. Gas system fault - air supply failure</strong>
    <p>Common air supply failure in the compressor, valves, piping, compressed air treatment components.
    (1) air compressor check valve common18m concrete placing boom for dasion fault is damaged, badly worn piston rings, intake valves become damaged and the air filter is clogged.
    (2) valve failure. The pressure regulator is not high, often regulator spring break or diaphragm rupture, you must update; pressure rises slowly, usually filter clogging, should be removed for cleaning.
    (3) line fault. Joint leakage and by the sound of the hose rupture site of the leak, if the pipeline is easy to accumulate condensate gas line freeze and plug should be immediately removed.
    (4) Compressed air handling component failures. Oil-water separator filter clogging, breakage, moving parts blowdown valve is not flexible. Always clean the filter, remove the drain valve within the oil and other impurities. Lubricator does not drip, oil cup bottom sediment moisture, oil cup seal damage. Check the inlet air flow is below the fog flow, leaks, fuel adjustment needle is blocking the storm and so on.</p>
    <strong>The air system failure - pneumatic auxiliary component failure</strong>
    <p>(1) adjusting the amount of oil mist adjusting needle is too small, oil plug, pipeline leaks and so will not be atomized liquid droplets, should be promptly dealt congestion and air leakage, adjust the drip volume to reach 5 drops / min. During normal use, the oil within the oil cup to remain in the upper and lower range. Cup water to the bottom oil deposits should be excluded.
    (2) oil and water within the automatic sewage sometimes can not be automatically excluded, should be removed for inspection and cleaning.
    (3) When the muffler installed on the valve is dirty or clogged, it will IMPACT valve sensitivity to regularly clean muffler.</p>
    <strong>5. The air system failure - Mechanical failure</strong>
    <p>On powder metering hopper discharge opening often appear driven cylinder charging door shaft is stuck; cylinder driven by a rack flap disc valve is stuck, so that closing is not in place or not open. You should always remove the powder agglomeration butterfly valve flap on the inner wall.</p>
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