FIFA will be in the February presidential election

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Inviato il 17 Febbraio 2016, 07:47:43


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According to the after-effects of Buy Fifa Bill the vote arise by FIFA, the best amateur in the vote, Messi chose the top three are: Suarez, Neymar and Iniesta, C Ronaldo's best is: Benzema, James Rodríguez and Baer. In the best drillmaster in the selection, Messi's best of the top three are: Enrique, sang poly and Simonyi, C Ronaldo's best is: Ancelotti, Mourinho and Guardiola.According to Spanish media, one of the candidates FIFA Admiral Prince Ali of Jordan to fifa 16 coins abutment China's approaching Apple Cup. Prince Ali served as Vice-Chairman of the FIFA controlling lath in Asia aback 2011, it is currently the FIFA vice-president.

Endure year, he had absent the acclamation in the FIFA Admiral Sepp Blatter, if he won the 209 FIFA affiliate associations to vote in 73 votes, and won that acclamation of Sepp Blatter was afterwards launched in the Affiliated States and Switzerland FIFA's anti-corruption storm sacked, and afterwards was bedevilled to eight years of the FIFA Ethics Lath Grounded punishment.FIFA will be in the February presidential election. The antagonism of prince Ali, AFC basic Xisaerman, above fifa 16 points account all-embracing relations diplomacy Gerome - Champagne, UEFA Accepted Secretary Gianni - Infante Tarantino and anti-racial South Africa Gerry Keogh getting Woodstock - Sussex Valais.Meeting fifa only on

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