Fifa 17 it was a successful opus on the side of Gameplay.

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Inviato il 15 Novembre 2016, 07:05:43


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The gameplay was compelling despite some flaws and the fact that the fifa 17 coins is a secondary option and players can win with only the speed and luck of long shots.

But since the launch of the first information on the most played mode, Ultimate Team, it skidded at the beginning by banning the purchase of "corners" and the integration of the Price Range (Price Range) that was widely criticized (the famous #RIPFUT hashtag). Another reason that makes them angry fans is the proliferation of cheats that are rarely banned by EA.

Some players believe that fifa 17 pc coins is the last chance to recover and repair the WAS mode, for some the WAS is already dead since the start of the price range system.

For other modes it was pretty convincing if we do not account for bugs servers. Players get used to it.

There are some days EA has released a video containing the most beautiful goals in fifa 17 xbox 360 coins:

And as usual, EA has shown convincingly with the trailers and video out throughout the summer and promise a more realistic opus and better than FIFA 17. To find where and how to buy vip Fifa Coins is on

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