Extended warranties for laptops, are they worth getting?

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Inviato il 16 Dicembre 2017, 13:34:05


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     I'm headed off to college next month and I'm in the process of
buying a laptop. I'm still undecided on the laptop, but I have a
good idea what I want. However, this question I have for you isn't
about the laptop I want, it is about the extended warranty that
the store is offering with the laptop. My dad says extended
warranties aren't worth it as it has never paid off for him when
he bought them in the past and the cost is quite hefty. On the
other hand my mom says she would feel better if I got it, because
she's the worrier of family and thinks that in the long run if
something goes wrong, it will be covered. Well, the disagreement
between my parents continues. My family isn't well off so every
penny counts these days, especially with the cost of my parents
sending me to college and I'm thankful for that. This is reason
why I'm turning to you to ask if you think it is worth it to get
one of these extended warranties for my laptop. Have you
personally bought an extended warranty for a laptop and reaped the
benefits, or was it a waste of money?

Please help.
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