Environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant knowledge summary

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Environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant knowledge summary
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 As environmental economic popular, environmentally friendly products become more mainstream future direction of the market, concrete mixing station market as well. Environmentally friendly concrete mixing station has increasingly become among the most marketable concrete mixing products.
  high quality cement mixers on sale  Environmentally friendly mixing station (House) site in general should be more than 15,000 square meters, the main building and mixing station yard from residential areas, schools, government agencies, hospitals equidistance should not be less than 100 meters. Supporting laboratory, office buildings, parking lots, service centers and other related facilities. Surrounding the factory sector should take measures such as fences or trees, noise and dust
    Environmentally friendly mixing station (House) stockyard (including sand, stone) should be enclosed yard, yard storage capacity is larger than the model mixing station two sets of classes required aggregate amount, stockyard plant construction reference JBJ7 specification. Stockyard equipped with automatic feeding systems, night transport vehicles and loaders to stop work, using automatic feeding systems.
    It features some of the advantages of environmentally friendly concrete mixing station description:
    1, the main building with the overall package, integrated appearance of the structure, can be modeling industry depending on size.
    2, environmentally friendly mixing station (F) should be able to produce in line with GB14902, GBJ107 and GB50164 the requirements of the various qualified concrete, production capacity should be consistent with GB / T9142 requirements.
    3, environmentally friendly mixing station (F) for fixed stations should use the automatic washing equipment, waste generated classification separated recycling.
    4, environmentally friendly mixing station (House) concrete mixing time should be able to press the stirring different labels, different concrete slump adjustment at any time by a timer control mixing time, and the program is still mixing station with rhythm .
1, the structural characteristics:
Adopting two steps type arrangement which the main part of beam and column structure design, high structural strength, good rigidity, greatly reducing the impact of vibration on production when weighing accuracy. Spacious interior, repair and maintenance. Especially master the material layer using large-diameter steel column structure, the material layer driveway spacious, neat and tidy appearance, mixing station overall good image.
2 Features:
1) Aggregate batching system using our proven anti-tabbed dual feed arc door, Metering coarse and fine two processes, aggregate ingredient can further ensure accuracy. Each scale measurement methods are electronic sensors gravimetric metering, with high precision, reliable, and easy maintenance. Computer control system with intelligent real-time fill scales, scales buckle function, incidental weighing ultra poor, can deduct the excess in the hopper, so dynamic dosing accuracy is higher than any of the current control system.
2) flexible aggregate compartment design can be adapted to the requirements of a variety of grading, both sides of the machine is equipped with anti-skid tape maintenance walkways, walking safe, easy maintenance. The aggregate material conveyor belt machine with multi-point automatic correction device, heavy hammer tensioning to ensure stable operation of the belt.
3) mixing station main outsourcing parts selected domestic and international brand-name products, to ensure that the mixing station production reliability. PPR pipe using liquid additive material from liquid material corrosion, long service life.
4) The control system uses today's leading international technical level based on WindowsXP / NT / 2000 platform to control multiple windows, multi-tasking, multi-user computer centralized control and management systems.
5) according to customer demand, supporting the development of simple, portable or permanently stationary concrete mixing station.
precast cement concrete batch plant
hzs60 mixed concrete batching machine

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