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pigments, fillers and so on. The current commonly used synthetic resin such as polyvinyl acetate (emulsion), polyvinyl formal (aqueous solution), polyurethane (two-component), epoxy (solvent-free) etc.. 4. Polyurethane elastic floor paint consists of two component polyurethane coatings with normal temperature curing. When construction, a and B components must be mixed in a certain proportion.

antistatic floor paint usually use polyurethane resin or epoxy resin as base material, with special conductive materials and pigments, fillers, curing agent and so on. 6, anticorrosive floor paint usually use unsaturated resin or vinyl ester as base material, with accelerator and curing agent. The above content is different. Xiaobian to introduce the floor paint, I hope you can know more about the floor paint, floor paint more relevant knowledge, as in house decoration network.

The floor is an indispensable Home Furnishing decoration materials, the floor is one of the top ten brands of flooring. Well, you know how much of the floor? Do you know what is the floor price? The house and a look at detailed knowledge of the floor, the floor! A floor is a group introduction of its products, the group in Shanghai in 1995 to set up, Dekor products covering aggrandizement wood floor,
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