Do not let winter floor injured

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Recently, temperatures plunged, floor cracks, warped, soaked in water and other issues became public is most headaches. Service network floor maintenance experts reminded the public, do not let the winter floor lost "face", floor waxing is the patio flooring ideas

Solid wood flooring with its natural texture, high durability has won many consumers. However, solid wood flooring used geothermal heating users might find that the floor is prone to cracks. To solve this problem, consumers should be the conservation of the floor, playing solid wax. Because wood interior flooring often retained some moisture, in the case of geothermal heating in winter, the floor dehydration contraction, will increase from the seam between the floor. At this time, marked with solid wax, it will reduce the magnitude of the expansion from the seam.composite wood deck
Service network is the import machine grinding, polishing, in addition to a uniform thickness, the effect will be better after the floor waxing waxing way than artificial, higher gloss, floor easy to wear.
Control room humidity

  Winter dry climate, should try to shorten the window of time, due to increase humidity in the room, not only beneficial to live, for floor maintenance is also a great help. Many owners may think, let the outside air in winter, the temperature drops, the floor from the joints weakened natural phenomenon. In this regard, service network experts said, the floor appears from the real cause of the seam from the humidity. In addition, the air temperature is higher, the more saturated water, indoor relative humidity higher. This time let cold air into the room, only make interior more dry, but caused a certain impact on the floor.
Cold and hot big damagecheap outdoor deck

  Geothermal opening and closing process should be gradual, the swells and dips temperature will affect the life of the floor. Service network Experts suggest that the first use of geothermal heating, should be slow to heat up, if the temperature is too fast, the floor may crack distorted due to expansion occurs, and the use of geothermal heating, surface temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. When the weather warms, no indoor heating, close the geothermal system should be slow cooling, can not sag.composite porch board price

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