Del Del wood flooring solid wood floor price

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 Del Del wood flooring solid wood floor price

DER Bechtel Group is a global leader in professional best anti slip for decks manufacturers, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, home improvement and public equipment flooring suppliers, over the years to provide green for the global consumer, technology-leading household products and the most cutting-edge home experience. Group total registered capital of 160 million yuan, covering the areas of industrial flooring, research and development, real estate, chain, communication, logistics, education and investment, the Group is headquartered in the historical and cultural city of Suzhou. Del Del wood flooring solid wood flooring solid wood flooring towering old trees millennium silent, overlooking the infinite clamor Star Fun Fun at the earth in a vertical clamor of earthly dreams song Gangnam hospital corridors that every seat at the ancient wooden buildings are a legendary wood Carpenter has its own ax to it only because of the material applied to the amount of only serving chisel ax, planing, cutting, cutting, carving suit seamless structure just like heaven natural texture, knots, rings and right on into the horizon as Aoyama picturesque green water the poetry of solid wood DER del Heaven Span Imitation of Nature take a cutting-edge technology elite era civilization and culture of an era wooden miracle, extending DER Del.

Del Del waterproof building material sheets generally includes wood flooring and laminate flooring. Del flooring here refers parquet. Parquet consists of two three solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. Three solid wood flooring through the science and art of how to make life better? Dell launched a three-wood composite series Need Zhenzhi 16mm thickness, so the first step to fully enjoy a comfortable foot feeling soft whole body are natural combination of pure solid wood antique, parquet, drawing, graphic & hellip; & hellip; the stability of three-wood , it has a way to express the beauty of a variety of multi-layer solid wood floor sedimentation subtle combine every piece of wood is Suzhou craftsmen carefully polished, hand-scraped through, kuruma, wind erosion, drawing, and other artificial polish, each contains a craftsman inspiration and unique nature of each piece of wood is different.

Del Del non skid wooden planks exterior formaldehyde is a threat to a healthy lifestyle risks, Del floor in the production process, both sides and the four sides are sprayed with hunting aldehyde factor, fundamentally hang on formaldehyde, hunting aldehyde factor introduction the two pairs of formaldehyde is very strong activity groups, to quickly capture formaldehyde, formaldehyde emission reduction of 60% - 90%. Hunting aldehyde factor at room temperature, or even zero formaldehyde can capture the reaction, thus achieving a long-term effect of the removal of formaldehyde, formaldehyde so that the floor kept it before it is released to eliminate possible trouble. Del FCF hunting aldehyde floor with superior grade standard EO new look, was born in the world is increasingly concerned about environmental protection, health, fashion era.

Del laminate flooring below the price in the online search was part Qijia del laminate flooring price information for reference: Del strengthen the floor price TC Series TC01 Scotland rustic wood - ¥ 196.00 del rustic laminate flooring price TC Series TC06 Billy Dover House - ¥ 196.00 del laminate flooring prices TC series TC06 Bili Fu rustic manor - ¥ 196.00 del laminate flooring prices OC oak European-style series OC03 Austria - ¥ 173.00 del strengthen the floor price European-style series OC03 OC oak Austria - - ¥ 173.00 del strengthen the floor price European-style series OC09 OC Apennine ruled oak - ¥ 173.00 del laminate flooring prices ZC Chinese style series ZC05 family Merbau - ¥ 160.00 del laminate flooring prices ZC Chinese style series ZC01 Cang Xia oak - ¥ 160.00 del laminate flooring prices MC series MC04 Michigan American character oak - ¥ 159.00 del laminate flooring prices ZB Chinese style series ZB02 palace wood - ¥ 148.00 del strengthen the floor price ZB ZB11 Tibetan Buddhism Chinese style series Dipterocarp - ¥ 148.00 a flooring brand is good, is the quality of the floor, floor installation, floor style, floor price, service and so on a number of factors constituted. So, Del floor is good, consumers can check out the Internet to see if the user's evaluation, may be used to ask neighbors or relatives Del floor, listen to word of mouth, ask what the merchant service, can also refer to the anti slip timber decking After the top ten brands of other brands, for contrast, considering, to see Del floor is suitable to themselves, for their own is good.

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