consumers should be cautious to choose floor

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some of the market known as wear-resistant in more than 20000 RPM products, and even wear layer are not, the test is only a few thousand turn, so consumers need to be identified in the choice. 2. The greater the base density of the hard board laminate flooring, the higher the mechanical properties and impact resistance, so the side of the board is more resistant to the impact.

But it is not the bigger the better. Under the same conditions, the substrate density is high, the swelling rate of water absorption is bigger, the dimensional stability is poor, and the water meets the tide easily deformation. 3, low price of any product has a price lever, the price is too low product quality is poor, and laminate flooring as high-grade, durable consumer goods,

its after-sales service in the price of the weight is heavy, can not sacrifice service and reduce prices. In view of the current market, the market prices are significantly lower products, consumers should be cautious to choose the discriminant. Three mistakes to buy waterproof floor, small house will share out, need to pick a waterproof floor friend, must pay attention to the above three points,
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