concrete mixing plant,cement batching plant

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<h2>1. Routine maintenance</h2>
concrete mixing plant,cement batching plant
<p>(1) Check hydraulic oil level, oil, oil should be light yellow transparent, non-emulsified or turbidity, or should be replaced.
(2) filled with grease, water tank 2/3 water and 1/3 hydraulic oil or oil.
(3) Check the cutting ring, glasses,plates gap should be normal (maximum gap 2mm)
(4) Check lubrication system works, you should see progressive distributor indicator rod back and forth action, S pipe arm end bearing location, location stirring shaft bearing lubricating oil spill lubrication points. Manual lubrication points each class should be filled grease.
(5) Check the dispensing valve commutation, reuniversal commercial concrete plant hzs90versing stirring device is operating normally.
(6) Check whether there is leakage of hydraulic systems, oil leakage.
(7) Check all screw connection, ensuring solid connection.</p>
<strong>Easy to block the pump's location and troubleshooting</strong>
<strong>Clogged dispensing valve at the discharge port</strong>
<p>A gate blocked, usually abruptly interrupted pumping system operation, and there is a strange noise, strong vibration equipment, but no corresponding vibration in the pipeline.
Remedy: Pour water into the hopper mud, repeated forward and backward start the pump, forcing the passage is open. If this method is not dare, only artificial exclude, remove pipe connected, remove debris inside the valve.
Clogged inlet at
Inlet blockage, usually a pumping action and hydraulic systems are normal, no abnormal noise and vibration, the hopper has a large aggregates or agglomerates, stuck or arch in the feed throat.
Remedy: reverse operation of the pump in order to destroy agglomerates, the concrete hopper back again stirring, then the forward pumping. If they do not, they need to manual cleaning, be excluded.</p>
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