Concrete mixing equipment suppliers

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Concrete mixing equipment suppliers
concrete mixer,cement mixer
<strong>Use concrete mixing equipment</strong>
<p>The use of hydraulic transmission
Concrete mixer truck in each system, the hydraulic system is the most important and most delicate working parts, it is especially important to use and maintain. Domestic manufacturers of hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and gear mixer using mostly imported parts, as shown in a typical configuration as shown in Table 1.
Concrete mixer truck hydraulic system works See Figure 1. When the device by manipulating the variable lever is rotated to the left, the pump began to drain oil from the oil port A, the high-pressure tubing into the motor, the motor rotates the motor oicarbon steel tube shaftless screw conveyorl flows into the low-pressure oil through another pipeline to flow from the high pressure port B back to the pump. Variable lever rotation angle greater the amount of oil discharged per revolution of the pump to the more, the higher the speed of the motor. When the manipulated variable stalk rotated to the right, then the pressure on oil from the discharge port B, change the motor rotation, low oil back into the pump from A port. Rotation of the motor driven gear, so that the mixing drum mixer can be continuously variable within a certain speed range and there are two rotation. Other works in the same hydraulic system.</p>
<p>For hydraulic system efficient, trouble free, we must strengthen the maintenance in daily use, and in strict accordance with requirements of the specification operation, as required in a timely manner to the hydraulic oil and auxiliary equipment (mainly filter) for replacement. In the oil change process should pay attention to the following points.</p>
<p>1) performance parameters to meet the requirements of hydraulic oil, never use a used or used after filtration and sedimentation hydraulic oil.
2) when refueling is best to use filtration accuracy of filter 10.
3) the main system, pump, motor casing before you start to be filled with hydraulic oil.
4) and 500 and the first-time users need to be replaced after every 2000h hydraulic oil and filters, you must use the instructions recommended hydraulic oil and filter.</p>
<strong>Use the idler</strong>
<p>Roller mixer truck is one of the main load-bearing parts, concrete mixer drum and its weight within the main gearbox by a roller and support, and because of the construction site traffic, which the force is uneven, there is impact a. Therefore, to limit the mixing drum beat in order to reduce the impact on the idler. Models have two forms, one plus one drawstring pulled the mixing drum; the second is in the upper end of the mixer stand plus stopper. No matter what form, in daily use should pay attention to maintenance and repair of damage to the timely replacement and maintenance, so as not to adversely affect the life of the idler. When using pay special attention to the roller bearing grease, while the roller also greased. Roller corruption problems in their daily work encounter more timely because there is no cause bearing damage due to lubrication. Also note that the lock nut is loose, if loose should be tightened in time, otherwise it will damage the roller bearing, resulting in unnecessary losses.</p>
<p>Cement mixer is a short distance transport of concrete transportation equipment, cement and sand mixer is the mixing equipment and other building materials.
Mixer is mainly used in the construction industry on-site mixing, stirring and mixing equipment through the use of concrete to be transported to the place by concrete mixer.</p>
<p>General mixer is applied to the mixing station. Now cities are generally the promotion of ready-mixed concrete, which can save costs and reduce dust pollution.
If there is contact and mixing station can buy concrete mixer truck to transport contract; if there is contact and building construction side and allow your city you can buy from the fresh concrete mixer rental. Can you make money or do business stability and operational security. Profits are usually more than 35% within two years of generally good business to recover the cost.
<p>Henan DASION Machinery Co., Ltd (Henan Dasion Mechanical Installation Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1999, covering an area of 33500 m2, having 150 workers and 6 professional research personnel. ’DASION’ brand was created and protected at 2010, for over market and high-quality request Chinese clients only.</p>
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