Concrete composition and working principle of the manual fabric machine

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Concrete composition and working principle of the manual fabric machine
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1. The main girder is supported by a steel pipe, tube stand, trolley, main beams and other components, the main beams mounted slewing ring seat, by the rotation of the bearing seat to do a full 360 ° rotation, the upper part of the front end of the main beam tube holder to  fix and a support fabric conveyor line, the rear end is equipped with gimbals to achieve counterweight.
2. The balance of the gimbal frame and counterweight box. Gimbal fitted with a counterweight box. It is installed in the main beams at the rear flange connection, with screws, ensure job stability.
3. The support base is mainly welded steel pipe and steel plate. Slewing ring mounted in the lower part of the main beams to support the weight of concrete fabric of the machine. Above the main beammixing machine/ mobile concrete mixers, through the support base of the ball slewing ring to achieve 360 ​​° rotation to achieve different range of fabrics. Telescoping legs can do to adjust the horizontal distance to achieve job stability cloth machine, each leg must be leveled at work time.
4. duct routing fixed riser, straight tubing, 90 ° elbow, elbow activity, manual, pipe clips and other components. Delivery line fixed to the main girder frame, the rear end 90 ° elbow and pump concrete pump pipe end connected to the other end of the tube by manual activities can be done within a 310 ° elbow range of fabrics.
How it works: cloth machine feed bend the front end of the pipe and concrete pumps connected to form a complete pumping construction of transport pipeline, hopper concrete pumping work under pressure, through a concrete pump pipe and the main beams and a manual tube Continuous rotation of the construction site to within range of fabrics.
Knowledge cloth machine function and maintenance
Fabric machine is mainly used in the construction of large bridges, concrete trailer pump output from fabric to fabric machine concrete conveying it to the work surface. Operation efficiency is greatly improved, has a simple structure, strength, rigidity, reliable, simple, flexible, easy maintenance and other characteristics, widely used in civil and industrial buildings of concrete pouring project.
Fabric machine should maintain a certain distance from the high-voltage lines and electrical appliances. Pouring hose end must fasten safety rope, prohibit the use of the end of the hose length more than 3 meters of casting, hose shall be inserted poured concrete in strict accordance fabric machine range. Fabric machine at work beneath jib allowed to stand. Hydraulic system pressure must not exceed 25Mpa. Non-open pipe joints in the duct and pressure tubing. Prohibited the hose ends removed, so that the boom and the other rigid delivery pipe connections. Rotation process, the non-braking or do the reverse operation when the machine is not completely stopped. best selling products zft18 concrete vibrator price Swivel connector ferrule can not be fixed at too tight to ensure flexible rotation, every shift must clean up, lubricate the rotary joint pipe clamp seal once. When the repair or maintenance, disconnect ground power, repair and maintenance are not allowed to live. You must work at the end of the retractable arm, hang the hook, the arm horizontally, cut off ground power.
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