concrete boom pump,concrete trailer pump

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<strong>Stirring device</strong>
concrete boom pump,concrete trailer pump
<p>Stirring device consists of mixing tube and ancillary support components. Mixing tube is loaded container concrete, when the concrete along the direction of motion of rotating spiral vanes, constantly upgrading and turning process by mixing and stirring. In the feeding and transport, mixing tube is transferred, the concrete along the blade inward movement, when the material, the mixing tube inverted concrete discharged outward along the blade.
Blade stirring device is a major component, can cause damage or serious wear concrete mixing uneven. In addition, if the angle of the blade design is unreasonable, but also to the emergence of concrete segregation.</p>
<strong>Cleaning Systems</strong>
<p>The main effecchina chinese js500 industrial cement mixert of the cleaning system is to clean the mixing tube, sometimes used for transit mix dry feed tube. Cleaning system also cooling effect of the hydraulic system.
Closure means
Fully enclosed device using rotary sealing technology, sealed stirring
Expected out of the car, to solve the traditional mixer water evaporation, tiered mortar, concrete material spilled, traffic safety and other problems.</p>
<strong>Access to the site</strong>
<p>Concrete mixer and out of the site and other local roads is more complex, construction and other affected roads are generally narrow road environment is not good. General bicycle Fortunately, Tractor driving more difficult, the turning radius is greater, access to the site is not suitable. In particular site, if it rains, muddy road, trailer and more slippery trap car.</p>
<strong>Into the discharge</strong>
<p>Whether concrete mixer feed or discharge usually by reversing into the mixing station or discharge port, trailer parking more difficult, in order to pour into the discharge port, the discharge port is too much trouble, to a certain extent, affect the efficiency of operations.
And there are concrete transport time requirements,generally emptied from feeding material time can not exceed 90 minutes. Another very important point is that now the domestic market are in accordance with the concrete square to count the price, less a trip to earn a trip less money.</p>
<strong>Laws and regulations</strong>
<p>Domestic restrictions on the length of the tractor axle load of more stringent, but this one basically non-existent in the mixer, 6x4 mixer have done 12 side, 8x4's even done 16 party. In 6x4 mixer, for example, 2.4 tons of concrete per square count 12 side is 28.8 tons, 6x4 mixer vehicle weight of 14-15 tons, the country add up to far more than the weight limit. Such car ran very dangerous in the city from time to time there is an accident mixer wounding tragedy.
The biggest advantage is that the number of axes mixer semitrailer more and bigger loading capacity, but strictly according to regulations, if semitrailer truck mixer come, it can only hold about 14 square, this environment is estimated that no one will buy. If and cycling as overload, do 20 parties, 25 parties even larger tank, which also would result in a vicious cycle of overloading, not only large road damage, but also a serious threat to the safety of pedestrians.</p>
<p>Tractor Truck purchase price a lot more expensive than ordinary bicycle, more sensitive to domestic users of the price, this is a major problem in the promotion.</p>
<p>Our best supplier of high-quality  concrete construction equipment - such as concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, concrete pumps and related equipment and spare parts. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, we have broad domestic and international markets. On the domestic market, covering almost all provinces in China. In overseas markets, we have also been exported to over 45 countries and regions, annual sales reached 10 billion yuan.
In Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, we can offer in the field of concrete equipment-stop 'service. Professional skills and improve sales service to meet your every need.</p>
<p>Welcome to the new and old customers to visit our in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China's capital plant.</p>
hzs25 cement plant steel structure
machinery concrete mixing aggregate batching plant

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