Concrete batching plant control system operation

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Inviato il 23 Dicembre 2016, 07:51:01


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Concrete batching plant control system operation
The company developed the concrete batching plant operating system has a strong visual, simple configuration, reporting and powerful features, and now the software for each module to make a detailed explanation. The software uses Delphi7.O framework for development tools, database using MSSQL2000, the operating system can use WindowsXP, Windows2003, Windows7 buried pipe in order to facilitate operation of the proposed use WindowsXP Windows2003 computer operating system as the operating platform management software.
The software can be run in a stand-alone environment, but also to run in the network environment, you can multiple machines share the same formula, vehicle information, production tasks are stored in a single server for easy access to the leadership of several layers together total production machine cases, each mixer production data are automatically merged to reflect the day's total trips in a report, the disc once, materials and other information.
Reports of the system to print using the Microsoft OFFICE plug before printing to enter OFFICE editing environment, so the operation of more than 2003 computers have OFFICE software environment.
Run the system architecture in a network mode, in order to achieve the purpose of single production system is often installed on a computer, there is no server. Thus for data security in place when you want to install the system into a database file to a non-system drive letter. For example WindowsXP system installed by the C: drive, software installation is best to D: E:, which can not be lost after a system crash data poisoning. Installation of the database is a noteworthy aspect of the installation process SQL2000 best to set a password, using mixed authentication mode section
Agency, or it may appear not to log the software installation. Password during installation must remember the simplicity of using the login settings, but also if you forget to bring their own SQL Enterprise Manager's security settings are set.

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