Commodity concrete pump during pumping should note the following

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Commodity concrete pump during pumping should note the following:
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1. When downward pumping concrete, should first delivery pipe valve opens, ready-mixed concrete pipe to be delivered under a certain pressure section, only close the valve.
2. Commodity concrete pumping beforethe end, we should still need to correctly calculate the ambest selling hzs35 concrete batching plantount of concrete used goods, and shall promptly inform the commercial concrete mixing place.
3. pumping, waste and excess pumping termination concrete products, processing methods and properties shall be determined in advance, timely and properly handle.
4. When pumping is finished, should commodity concrete pumps and duct clean.
5. exclude blockage, re-pumping or cleaning commercial concrete pump, export fabrics equipment should be towards a safe direction, to prevent clogging or waste slurry speed flying wounding.
6. When more than one commodity Concrete pump pumping simultaneously or in combination with other delivery method for delivering concrete, should be envisaged in the respective transmission capacity, pouring and pouring regional order. And should clear division of labor, co-ordinated, unified command.
Reason concrete pump plugging analysis and processing methods
1, plugging aura
When emerging signs, should take timely measures, it is very important to prevent plugging.
Under normal circumstances, the maximum value of the hydraulic pumping will not reach the set pressure, if the pressure peak of each pumping stroke with the stroke alternately rises rapidly and soon reaches a set pressure,  normal pumping automatically stops the cycle, the main oil spill overflow issue sound, to show that congestion is occurring, and some concrete pump design with automatic anti-pump circuit, as none of frequent anti-pump to resume normal pumping, it must try to manually pump anti- .
When the anti-pump manually, just press the anti-pump button to carry out a two-cylinder each, two anti-pump circulation stroke, the suction pipe in the back part of the concrete to the hopper, it is often able to rule out blocked tubes, sometimes Anti-pump operation to be performed several times to be effective, in operation, the general sent pump 3-4 strokes, then positive pump, plugging can be ruled out, as many anti-pump cycle is still not back to normal, indicating that prison has been blocked.
Vertical downward pumping operations, due to the weight of concrete factors, in large concrete drop cases, the general anti-pump can not be retraced to a concrete hopper, anti-pump function must be used with caution, otherwise repeated anti-pump - positive pump easy operation under mortar loss, resulting in spinal or S tube blockage.
2, the processing method of plugging
On one side were positive pump - Anti-pump operation, while for other staff along delivery line when looking blockage site, you can use the wood hammer is considered to be the site of blockage can sometimes be blocked aggregate collapse and restore flow, if the beat invalid, not allowed to use a hammer or other object may damage the pipeline hit. As part of plugging judge accurately, as long as the blocked section of the tube removed, the elimination of which have been blocked concrete, and then putting it back, you can continue pumping. If plugging parts from the pump closer, blocking segment is loaded back into the pipeline after the clean up, since the role of this air tube plugs, can also cause plugging again. In this case, it should plug the section of concrete pipe after gas cleaning or washing cleared, and then take over the pumping. Long lines, you can segment washable.
3, plugging parts of the judgment
If the anti-clog pump operation can not be excluded, they have to find out the blocking position, dismantle the tube removed. It may be a positive side of the pump - Anti-pump operation, while others allow the conveying pipeline blockage search site. Generally start from the outlet of the pump, the site will not clog severe vibration, and after pipe blockage site is static, you can also check with a mallet beating, with the feel and sound judgment plugging site. In general, the possibility of a small straight tube blockage, taper pipe, pipe the possibility of large, easy to plug the end of the elbow, in the long-distance transport level, if the pipe joint leakage of plasma, it is also easy straight behind the blockage.
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