Chen Lan is school finance work, before the people's Bank

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As a wedding practitioners, Everyone should have a ruler, measure for their timely, accurate scale to control, to let us go further in the future on the road. Wedding married people may have more right to speak, in 2006, when Chen Lan and two other students just entering the wedding industry, are married, but they are not satisfied with their wedding. At that time we tube wedding wedding agencies, in fact, the intermediary type of company structures, streamline operations, the lack of any creativity. With the wedding deep sentiment, Chen Lan hoping to do a new angle wedding, break the existing pattern, more creative ideas in it. Meeting on the birth of love from this initial idea, so Chen Lan and three students lobbied for funding start a business. After entering the industry, there Cheap Prom Dresses 2016 did not want to be so simple, began to think that as long as there are good ideas on the line, ignoring a very important issue. Beijing has had thousands of wedding companies, has also been proven dozens, getting to know you and like you on through the work, in fact, is a very difficult thing, we had a few people do is entirely irrelevant and art thing, Chen Lan is school finance work, before the people's Bank, some just had some thoughts as to how to use it good visual form of presentation is not what they are good, so there is no good work. Designers need further recruitment, and there was no professional wedding designers are coming from soft to absorb wear, floral and other industries. The beginning of the stage is the most painful, for five consecutive years in the red, "Every year we have to pull out funds to support the company's Prom Gowns Online Sale operations from his pocket. Loss was the most painful thing is not the economy, but not very successful under the operation, the partners have to leave, it is one thing to combat the most self-confidence. "in the development of the wedding industry, it is necessary not only to share their cherished dreams, but also need to assess the situation, so as to extend out more good luck. At the same time as the market segments, the Department will also love their customers a more accurate classification. Different styles of the new demand for the wedding is different, fresh ideas and mature coexistence. Therefore, in order to meet more new people to pursue fresh aesthetic style, Al Ain wedding emerged in the exchange of love based on the original upgrade again, designed to provide accurate high-end custom services for those customers. Meanwhile, the Department of love has its own factories to provide more resources and support for custom wedding. With the new partners to join Al Ain wedding and established the first five years, similar to the wedding hall for its new business model has brought new opportunities. Has owned a wedding hall Chaoyang Park and the club is now ten days, for the couple to provide a greater variety of wedding venues and wedding convenient services, but also eliminates the tedious process of planning a wedding couple. 2012 officially opened the club ten days, this is more than 8000 levels Ohira layer, similar to Beijing from 798 old plant transformation. This place turned out to be a transfer station next to the station, when invited to Beijing dean of the School of Architecture personally designed, and won the Italian design award. Yard accessible, there is a transparent glass house and a gallery, there are two front yard, though not great, but every year dozens of brands to accommodate various types of publishing and public relations activities of different types of small wedding party, can freedom to switch different functions, practical and style. From the economic point of view, but also for the company's development has brought a stable revenue.

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