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impact resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, the characteristics of glittering and translucent connect fully;Yu wood table has woodiness hard, intensity is high, the deformation is not easy to damage, not easily weather-shack characteristic.Simple natural log table, either for couple of 2 the world, and can be used as tea table, coffee table, more can put on the balcony, entertainment and dining together.Selects the eat desk and chair of the first thing is to see the quality.Quality on the one hand,

embodies in design accord with human body engineering principle, try sitting on the chair is comfortable, the arm can be naturally puts on the desktop is preferred.Robustness and depends on tables and chairs, eat chair because of frequent use, in particular, when the choose and buy must pay attention to the chair of the material and stitching way,

in general is relatively fast because of traditional mortise and tenon joint structure.And use the elm, beech wood chair is relatively strong.In addition to try if feeling sit chair swing stability, but also by observing chair leg without scar section and the trace of crack repair to judgment, chair legs and Cheng parts can't use has scar section and crack of material, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life.Have a fixed table, activities, folding and so on the many kinds of style,
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