Bulk material handling machinery

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Bulk material handling machinery
concrete boom pump,concrete trailer pump
(1) conveyor tensioning device by the drive means the central conveyor structure and composition of conveyor idlers as towing and load-carrying member, whereby continuous conveyor catechesis materials or parts goods.
A friction drive conveyor transported materials to continuous mechanical. Use it, it can tranew small planetary concrete mixer jn1000nsport the material in a certain line, from the initial feed point to the discharge point between the final form of a material transport process. It can be broken delivery of bulk materials, can also be transported into pieces items. In addition to the pure material handling, but also with the requirements of various industrial enterprises in the production process of the process of cooperating to form a rhythmic flow transport line. Therefore, the belt conveyor is widely used in modern industrial enterprise.
The underground tunnel in the mine, mine ground transportation systems, open pit and concentrator, conveyor widely used. It is used for horizontal or inclined transportation transport.
Universal conveyor from the conveyor belt, roller, roller and drive, brake, tension, bend, loading, unloading, cleaning and other equipment components.
① conveyor belt
There are two commonly used rubber bands and plastic tape. Rubber band applied to the working environment temperature between -15 ~ 40 C. Material temperature does not exceed 50 C. Granules delivery upward inclination 12 ~ 24 . Available for large transmission angle tread rubber band. Plastic belt with oil, acids, alkalis, etc., but poor adaptability to climate, slippery and aging. Bandwidth is the main technical parameters of belt conveyor.
② roller
Sub-single-cylinder (tape wrap angle of the roller is 210 ~ 230 ), double drum (wrap angle of 350 ) and multi-cylinder (for power) and so on. There trough roller, flat-shaped roller, spherical roller, buffer roller. Trough roller (by 2 ~ 5 roller composition) supporting bearing branches for conveying granular materials; aligning transverse position to adjust the belt rollers, avoid deviation; buffer roller mounted in place by the material, in order to reduce material impact on the band.
③ roller
Minute drive roller and bend pulley.Driving drum is the main component of the transmitted power. Sub-single-cylinder (tape wrap angle of the roller is 210 ~ 230 ), double drum (wrap angle of 350 ) and multi-cylinder (for power) and so on.
④ tensioning device
Its role is to make the conveyor belt to achieve the necessary tension to avoid slipping on the drive roller, and the deflection roller conveyor between the guarantee within a predetermined range.
producing electricity concrete batching plant
golden mix concrete batch plant hzs90

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