Building Equipment Concrete Placing china manufacturer

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Building Equipment Concrete Placing  china manufacturer
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<h2>Fabric machine installation technical guidance</h2>
    <p>As we all know, fabric machine in construction security is important, in order to seriously implement the "safety first, prevention first" approach, and fully mobilize the safety awareness of all employees to ensure safe production, on-site technician Kay fabric machine Unloading and installation work for the objects, has established the following security technologies and preventive measures.</p>
      <p>To prevent leakage wounding cable should be used to phase five-wire system, "three distribution", "two levels of protectidiesel concrete mixer in singaporeon", the implementation of a machine a gate of an insurance, lighting line equipment sub-switch installation, the nearest place, in case of emergency the case may wind up readily.
      Must set two levels of protection distribution box, distribution box should Tiananmen Square, locked, there is rain, moisture facility, and instructs the person responsible. Fuse installed by electricity, other than steel, aluminum, zinc wire instead of a fuse.
      All construction site personnel must wear a helmet, wear slippers or barefoot site is strictly prohibited, when artificial crane unloading and installation, there must be security staff on-site command construction crane, construction workers must use steel rope control member in the direction of lifting process. Site security staff to keep abreast of the scene, people loitering in the construction process, etc. not * nearly lifting the scene.
      At the construction site, is strictly prohibited all kinds of mechanical drive driver drunk driving, crane driver must be in accordance with the requirements of field security officer of operations may not barbaric operation, when night operation, should have good lighting.
      The spreader assembly installation, construction workers must wear seat belts when aerial work safety belt must be hung in place can the force.
      Construction of overhead or buried cables must not be ground and put. Overhead wire construction work should not lead anywhere drag and flooding or debris was buried, non-random wire tied to a steel cage or other iron stand.
      Operating hand-held power tool of personnel, must be carefully checked before operating equipment insulation. Wear overalls and insulated gloves and insulated shoes.
      The site must be certified electrician, its technical level should adapt its work undertaken. Electrician on duty to deal with all electrical equipment and wiring checked once a day; find aging, dilapidated, defect parts replaced. With particular emphasis on the detection of leakage protection device, once it found defective and must be promptly repaired or replaced. Not allowed to touch a non-electrician, assembly and disassembly, repair of electrical equipment.</p>
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