Bra-style wedding dress designed with elegant sense of the spirit

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Inviato il 27 Febbraio 2016, 09:30:24


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Bra dress, high waist design, large tail, all this created a bridal elegance, as if the wedding has a huge gas field, the dress does not make you beautiful minus points!

Classic red halter dress and skirt design places it is consistent with the bride's height, the perfect combination of sexy and elegant, very high expectations of a dress!

Bright red, shoulder design, small exposed sexy, like shoulder bow design adds a sweet flavor, smooth and long skirt, the proportion of good cover bad body bride.

Shiny material, fishtail dress design highlights the bride the perfect body, chest fold good cover bride pectoralis minor shortcomings, smooth lines is increased by the proportion of the whole person, very nice design! the white feathery bridal bride posture becomes very sense of self-cultivation, adding another element design lace bridal have this sense Cheap Prom Gowns of elegant, pink ribbon waist style lovely bride will be manifested, therewith It corresponds to the large knot of white flowers bride head.

Bra-style wedding dress designed with elegant sense of the spirit of the bride beautiful full bloom out irregular cut skirt is designed so that the whole white lace bride wedding with a strong sense of elegant, white bride head flower bridal accessories will feminine perfect foil out.

Wedding silky with a strong glossy, printed on a white wedding skirt design makes the whole bridal becomes very delicate, pleated waist design is the crowning touch to this bridal shoulder hollow formula this design also reflects the deep sense of bridal design.

Bra-style of a very beautiful bride wedding. Skirt folds, such as giving a sense of elegant princess-like laminated fold waist having a flower-like Cheap Prom Dresses colors, simple design, but the color of the bride wedding bride wedding give this a different kind of aesthetic style.

Clever relations with skin dress

1. white type: choose pink color dress, should avoid red, black velvet color too thick, it will not produce a sense of incongruity.

2. dark Healthy: choose bright lines, to set off with a healthy image and color. Should avoid pink dress, otherwise it will be dark complexion cover.

3. yellow color: in general, yellowish skin color will make people feel poor, why not choose the middle color of the dress. Unless the bride's face the same good, or should avoid too complicated dress.

Since the bride's dress seasonal less obvious, the pace style design affected by the seasons. Long-sleeved dress design have more limitations, so wear short-sleeved or strapless dress is usually added white Prom Dresses 2016 shawl.

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