brand spokesman said the company is preparing the end of post

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Brand image has been remodeling stores and several attempts to cooperate with the new designers in order to reverse the decline and to win back sales by competitors, such as Michael Kors away market share, but so far, apparently without success. Data statistics show that consumers coach and other luxury brands have lost their freshness light. Up to now, cOACH has 145 counters in 58 cities in mainland Prom Gowns Online Sale China. the latest news from Hong Kong, recently, one industry source, Adidas plans to take over a coach located large stores in Central, which is another sports brand expansion, and luxury goods companies evacuated case. Adidas declined to confirm the news of the upcoming shop, but when asked about the matter, a brand spokesman said the company is preparing the end of post .Coach surrender announcement was the end of August of this year's four-storey store operations, transition to a more comfortable IFC IFC mall nearby space. this and many luxury companies like practices, trying to reduce operating cost, to balance consumption fell mainland Chinese tourists brought earnings gap. Although this year for Hong Kong retail industry, mostly bleak unbearable, the recent Golden week results disappointing, but from a real estate consulting High Low Prom Dresses firm Cushman & Wakefield (Cushman & Wakefield) reported that now is the opportunity to fast fashion and sportswear from Prada to Gucci and then Coach, many luxury companies are urged owners cut high rents, and even has some luxury brands have begun to withdraw from the original the street where the core business, according to British "financial Times", Causeway Bay, a Swiss watchmaker - Jaeger (Jaeger-LeCoultre) has now become a local shop discount cosmetics store, and current rents have dropped by 40 to 2012 peak % another Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer (TAG Heuer) August closed a store in the Causeway Bay area of ??Hong Kong, the company said, "rent too high." but a lot of high active sportswear brand expansion in Hong Kong trend last month, Lululemon opened Hysan Place in Causeway Bay, a second store, Under Armour opened a covering over 3000 square feet of new stores in Central, now the city's total number of stores to three, while also Sogo opened 2XU its first store 5, Fila also opened its first flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui, Adidas has been reserved exclusively for the ladies a store location, away from the upcoming store only two blocks away; January of this year, it has opened is an Adidas Originals Cheap Prom Dresses flagship sports brand stores opened may benefit from the reduction in rent of Cushman & Wakefield report adds, the main retail area rents may continue to shrink until the end of the year report, said:. "Since the short-term resistance, Hong Kong shop rents could fall between 10-20%, it will vary between different sectors and sub-market. "luxury goods companies to evacuate, taking advantage of the expansion of fast fashion brands.

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