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What You Need to Know
Now that you know the main buy Blade and Soul gold differences between Arena PvP and World PvP, what else is there to know?

World PvP largely works on a merit system. Belonging to a faction, this would most certainly be the case. As a result of being an awesome fighter for your faction, your character is rewarded with prestige buy Blade and Soul gold points that you get to keep if you manage to stay alive long enough to gather the fruits of all of the points you manage to rack up. Since you are essentially after this incentive as a World PvP player, remember that losing your life means losing the points. And like most precious currencies, these prestige points are valuable only while youíre in an actual session.

Arena PvPís own rewards-based buy Blade and Soul gold system isnít that different. While it can be argued that the purpose of going into an Arena battle is mainly to enhance your martial arts fighting skills, actual incentives await those who perform superbly. That reward is in the form of ďZen BeansĒ which, later in your quests will come in handy for upgrades and crafting, among other uses.

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