Banana Republic creative director of business showed a weak

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Inviato il 14 Marzo 2016, 04:30:51


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The rating Reviews agency said: "The company does not expect any of the Gap brand's sales growth will be positive if the Gap brand stores not simultaneously improve the weak Old Navy will have a negative tax earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization. affected. in addition, the separation Banana Republic creative director of business showed a weak trend that will likely at least in the next six to nine months continued in the product line under the guidance she did not resonate with customers. "As for the long-term loans to buy stock the rating agency said: "this is generally considered to be a difficult period for the company to increase operating leverage negative decision." Fitch Ratings company stressed, Gap Group is expected to have "ample liquidity" and raise interest, taxes, depreciation improve and profit before amortization, while worse than expected holiday sales or lack of momentum in the spring collection 2016 sales are likely to lead to a negative rating outlook or downgrade. affected by the Gap and Banana Republic brands remain weak and shops closed down and the cost of layoffs, Gap Inc. Group's second-quarter earnings and sales continued to decline, to the second quarter ended August 1 of, Gap Inc. net profit last year from $ 332 million declined 34% to $ 219 million. net sales from last year $ 3.98 billion to 39 billion US dollars, compared to same period last year fell 2% in fixed exchange rates based on the fiscal year 2015 second quarter net sales were flat last year. by sector, brand Old Navy continued to maintain its lead , Old Navy rose 3% .Gap fell 6%; Banana Republic fell 4% in the second quarter, comparable sales fell 2%, basically flat with last year in the next few years, North America will close 175 Gap stores,. including this year closed 140 stores and laid off 250 people, most of them aimed at San Francisco headquarters. Group expects about $ 300 million in annual sales and losses related to closed stores, savings from the year 2016 will be reduced approximately 25 million dollars news from Milan, Gucci is moving its new strategy onto the Internet. recently, Gucci in North America re-launched its brand sites, this is the new term from Marco Bizzarri Gucci brand CEO and president and creative director Alessandro Michele office . one of the important initiatives pushed new site is rich in content, massive picture, featured content as well as the story of the brand, the company Missy Dress UK Feedbacks & Complaints aims to build a platform to build a brand and customer contact .Bizzarri said: "regardless of whether the customer will choose online buy products, but the network is the first way they receive product information, the network has become a communication center. I think that from now on the brand should focus on site location, after all, it is an important channel to deliver the brand message, it can and establish a brand invisible audience contact. how now bundled with the customer to establish a contact in the retail network in playing an increasingly important role. "has launched a new website redesigned by Michele, new website add a calendar section, Bizzarri emphasize size regardless of the brand can be in a clear and thought-provoking way to express the contents of the designers want to express, it is very important.

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