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Elevator  are based on the hydraulic ram system which makes vertical transportation affordable and easy. Its unique features make it an efficient solution for small buildings, offices, shops, hospitals, hotels, churches, schools, etc. There are two types of hydraulic elevators - direct and roped. The direct system is less expensive therefore it is apt for small business enterprises. Lula or Limited Use Limited Access elevators use the roped hydraulic elevator system which systematically lugs the lift up and down.

Hydraulic System Renders Better Ride Quality

Hydraulic elevators render better ride quality and smooth operating system. The durability of hydraulic elevator makes it more popular and reliable. Hydraulic Lula is a heavy duty elevator system which can carry much more than conventional elevators. The hydraulic Lula elevators incorporate the same technical features of expensive commercial elevators. Lula elevator system includes various features such as;

• Elaborate cab finishes

• Automatic control panel

• Electromechanical interlocks

• Speed governor

• Emergency alarm

• Laminated cab

• Speaker phone

• Power back up facility

• Emergency stop button

• Fully automatic sliding doors

• Automatic on/off fluorescent lights

• Door restrictor system

• Micro-scan motion detector

Affordable for Residences and Small Business Enterprises

Savaria Concord Orion and Federal Elevator Serenus are the two popular hydraulic Lula elevator systems manufactured by the leading companies Savaria Concord and Federal Elevator. The Lula elevators require comparatively small pit depth therefore the hoist way requires less space width. All these advantages make Lula elevators a more versatile and affordable elevator system for residences and small business enterprises. Apart from these advanced facilities the Lula elevators are incorporated with various technical features which make it a perfect alternative to the expensive conventional elevators.

Passenger Lift  systems are available in varying designs, fabric and color. Established suppliers provide affordable and pre-tested Lula elevator systems together with excellent installation service and maintenance.

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