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Accessory maker  swtor credits  Novoflex has a new lens adapter that will let you use Nikon F-mount lenses on Canon EOS bodies. It adds one big added over antecedent versions: you get a ring to ascendancy breach on Nikon G-lenses (those afterwards an breach ring.)One of the abundant things about the little mirrorless cameras like the Panasonic G-series, the Olympus Pens and the Sony NEXes is that their currently bare lens bureau can be buy swtor credits supplemented by added lenses old and new, just by appliance an adapter. SLRs, on the added hand, are ambrosial abundant ashore with the bottle that was fabricated for them.An adapter has a thickness, and if you put one on a lens, you move that lens abroad from the blur (or sensor). This stops the lens absorption at aloft (and will aswell acquiesce it to focus a little closer). Thus, ascent a Canon lens on a Nikon physique doesnt plan so well.

The mirrorless cameras already accept a lot of added amplitude to spare, so the adapters accept allowance to fit. Novoflex has managed to get this ring attenuate abundant not to could could could could could could could could could cause focus problems.The new EOS/NIK-NT adapter has an dent breach ring so that you can still set the hole-size. As G-series lenses are controlled in actuality by electronics in the camera body, they allegation this added to plan on a Canon camera. Thus, auto-exposure (aperture priority) will plan by in actuality endlessly down the lens. Focus will still be manual, although aloft focus is maintained. If you accept lenses with breach rings, accession adapter is available.The botheration is that there are affluence of abundant lenses for both Canon and Nikon, so we admiration why youd allegation this adapter.

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