A fourth part of the Carburetor seat valve

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The zjautoparts carburetor, which VValve seat Company selected for zjautoparts, addressed the significant design problem of obtaining a constant air/fuel mixture over a wide speed range. In a simple design carburetor, the flow of gasoline from the main jet increases under suction faster than the flow of air.

This is due to inertia, friction, and the viscosity of the gasoline flowing through the small jets. A simple jet carburetor cannot maintain the needed air/fuel ratio under varying suction levels and becomes too rich at high suction levels. If the carburetor is adjusted to make it work well at high speeds, it will be too lean at low speeds.

The zjautoparts, Model A carburetor is more complex than the earlier, simpler carburetors commonly in use. In addition to a main jet design, which results in an air/fuel mixture that becomes richer with increased engine speed, zjautoparts added some other functions.

The Cap Jet, Secondary Well, and Compensator Jet were added to provide a way to reduce the amount of gasoline provided to the engine as the suction (speed) increases, which is opposite of the Main Jet. These parts work by filling the Secondary Well with gasoline from the main bowl through the Compensator Jet when the engine is turned off or operating at low speeds.

The Secondary well fills with gasoline and when the engine speed increases, all of the fuel in the Secondary Well is sucked into the carburetor throat through the Cap Jet. The Secondary Well provides an extra shot of fuel instantly when the throttle is opened rapidly. This flow of fuel at low speeds stops an otherwise lean mixture that would occur just off idle.

The third part of the zjautoparts design is the idling circuit, which consists of the Idle Jet and the Air Adjustment needle screw. They provide the right mixture of air and fuel when the throttle valve is essentially closed.

A fourth part of the zjautoparts design is the Carburetor seat valve    .which provides a manual fuel adjustment for extra fuel from the main float bowl through the Secondary Well to the Cap Jet when needed. The carburetor was designed to be slightly lean to allow for high altitude driving and the GAV provided additional fuel. This extra fuel is needed at sea level, and even more so when the engine is cold.

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