95X0 - 5.0 Hybrid by Lyricidal/OneOfAKindDPC

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Inviato il 14 Settembre 2009, 06:40:48


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Chi ha voglia di testare? :lol:

su base

Beta tester u no who u r. Please report findings here.
please stay on TOPIC!
Install instructions. Download 5.0.140 to pc. download exe and select your device 95**. run installer. wipe device,run apploader r u can shrink first then run loader. after u run loader and get to the app screen dont select the bbm that comes with it. then run loader. after phone finixsh loading. Restore your device threw dm. then go back to restore and go to ur os folder E:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9530AllLang_v5.0.0.140_P4.2.0.17. and find the (Flick_Scrolling_Backup.ipd) then hit restore and that is for ur flick scroll. then u should do around 5 battery pulls. then u should be all set.

Updated Sep 12
only use java dl
Here's the change log:
changes sms cods back to 140
changed the email cods back to 140
changed the net_rim_crypto_1/2/3/.cod back to 140
changed the BIS files back to 140
changed the calendar files back to 140

http://www.theiexplorers.com/OneOfaK...9530beta50.rar JAVA ONLY ZIP

updated Aug 31
146 added to java folder. 140 is almost completely assent from this update.
http://bbhybrids.net/request.php?319 just made an installer for it for both 9500/95
Install instructions.
download 5.0.140 to pc. downl

Alarm clock fix
40+ files
70+ files
120+ 5.0.190 files

Update Aug. 30
Now open beta.

added a backup file with the flick scroll settings to allow flick scroll
125 .191 file added over the existing beta.
Has the 191 theme, and with flick scroll it looks an feels like 191.
Use 140 as base. paste the new java folder on the old one. http://www.theiexplorers.com/OneOfaK...9530beta50.rar. Its only java. To enable flick scrolling just load 190 to phone then delete 190 from pc and load 140 to pc and phone. Don't wipe your phone. Just load 140 on top. This update has 191 files. Enjoy

updated 10.20pm ct AUG 27
163 5.0.164 files now link updated plz re download.
also do not use the bbm thats pre install only use threw ota http://www.theiexplorers.com/BBM/For_5.0.0/BBMen.jad

fixed keyboard v.3 11.33

BB Storm 9500 OS se

Inviato il 14 Settembre 2009, 06:43:16


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vi evito la fatica....se non usate il bb internt pack potrebbe funzionare....se usate il bb internet pack non funziona, praticamente non riconosce il BIS

SO a rotazione
Inviato il 14 Settembre 2009, 06:43:16
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